Hello MMS Bands!

The MMS Band Website

You can find information about:

Jazz Lab Band Info-click Reminder page

When forms are due-click Reminder page

A copy of the forms that are due-click Reminder page

A copy of the Practice Time Sheet if you lose yours!-Reminder page

Concert dates, what to wear, etc.-Band Handbook-Reminder page

Spring Band Concert – May 10

Six Flags – May 12

Jazz Lab Band Concert – May 17

What to Practice-click your grade’s page

When you have lessons or band-click your grade’s schedule page

What the next test is and when-click your grade’s schedule page

Listen to your music-click your grade’s music page

Here are links to a couple of free online metronomes:

You can subdivide the beat with the first 2 in the list.

Web Metronome

8 Notes Web Metronome



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