8th Band


What to Practice Every Day You Practice

1. Any 3 Songs by Earmoving notes

Ding dong, Tommy Tinker, Clementine, This Old Hammer, Happy Birthday, etc……

2. Scales

Concert B Flat Major Scale (half notes)

Work Out (do, do-re-do, do-re-mi-re-do, etc…) & (do, do-ti-do, do-ti-la-ti-do, etc…)

eighth notes

Concert G Minor Scale (half notes)

Work Out (la, la-ti-la, la-ti-do-ti-la, etc…) & (la, la-so-la, la-so-fa-so-la, etc…)-eighth notes

Chromatic Scale (eighth notes by memory)

3. Lesson Book-see the schedule page for the page number you’re learning

A. Perform each exercise first WITHOUT CD

B. Perform each exercise with band on CD

C. Perform each exercise as soloist with CD

4. Performance Test-see schedule page for test dates

5. Winter Band Concert Music


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