8th Schedule

8A       8B       8C  

Spring Band Concert is May 10

Six Flags is May 12

Jazz Lab Band Concert is May 17

What to practice every day you practice:

Tunes by ear, Scales, Lesson Book, Tests, Concert Selections 

Eighth Grade Band Schedule as of  Tuesday, April 18, 2017

PTS means Practice Time Sheet

Week of April 17    Lesson Book p. 42 1st Scale &

p. 44 Rhythm Studies

Monday, April 17       8B     PTS Due 

    Childhood Hymn Test   

Tuesday, April 18         Band

Wednesday, April 19    8C     PTS Due     

     Childhood Hymn Test

Thursday, April 20       Band

Friday, April 21       8A     PTS Due     

     Childhood Hymn Test

 Week of April 24     Lesson Book

Monday, April 24       Band

Tuesday, April 25         8B     PTS Due 

Wizard of Oz Test

Wednesday, April 26    Band

Special Guest Mr. Susi

Thursday, April 27       8C     PTS Due 

     Wizard of Oz Test   

Friday, April 28       Band

Week of May 1    Lesson Book

Monday, May 1     8A      PTS Due

Wizard of Oz Test

Tuesday, May 2    Band

Wednesday, May 3     8B          PTS Due   

Thursday, May 4       Band

Friday, May 5            8C         PTS Due

Week of May 8    Lesson Book

Monday, May 8      Band

Tuesday, May 9      8A      PTS Due 

Wednesday, May 10    Band

Spring Band Concert 7:30 pm

Thursday, May 11       8B     PTS Due 

Friday, May 12     Six Flags 7:00 am-9:30 pm


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